Static security refers to the presence of a security guard or team of guards who are stationed at a specific location to provide surveillance and protection. Static security is typically used in situations where a consistent and visible security presence is required, such as construction sites, yards, offices, and concierge for apartment buildings.
Construction sites, for example, are often vulnerable to theft and vandalism, and having a static security guard on site can deter would-be criminals and provide a quick response in case of an incident. The security guards at construction sites are also responsible for monitoring the site’s perimeter, checking the identification of visitors, and ensuring that safety protocols are being followed.

Yards, such as storage yards, are also vulnerable to theft and damage. Static security guards can help to prevent these incidents by monitoring the yard’s perimeter, controlling access to the yard, and conducting regular patrols.
Offices and other commercial buildings also benefit from static security. A security guard can monitor the building’s entrance and exit points, check the identification of visitors, and provide a visible deterrent against theft and other crimes. A security guard can also assist with evacuation procedures and other emergency response protocols.

Concierge for apartment buildings is another area where static security can be beneficial. A security guard stationed at the entrance of an apartment building can check the identification of visitors, monitor the building’s common areas, and provide a visible deterrent against crime. They can also assist residents with any security-related issues they may have.
In all of these situations, the role of static security is to provide surveillance and protection, deter potential criminals, and respond quickly and effectively to any incidents that may occur. Static security guards are highly trained and experienced and are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that they can effectively perform their duties.